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 "Felix Chavez, Inc. is an art and architectural company specializing in preservation, conservation, and restoration for nearly 40 years of uncompromising quality."


Now Felix Chavez, Inc. has the pleasure in announcing the expansion of our skills in the area of Residential  Interiors.


Felix Chavez, Inc. will be dedicated to the beautification of home interiors with our staff of experienced and talented artists and artisans; experts in transforming homes of the most sophisticated customers.


The artists/artisans are experts in hign-end finishes, who have studied in Europe and the US in faux-finishes, classical and modern ambience; originality will be at its best for any customer.


The Company Felix Chavez, Inc. has the honor to present one component of the New Leadership Team of our Corporation in the Department of Residential Interiors, which recently has been reorganizing internally with  young and talented artists and artisans in the field; refreshing for a long and permanent continuation of this pretigious institution of Art in New York and the United States, this person is Daniel G. DaSilva.  



Samples of some residential beautifications are:

875 Seventh Ave (NYC)

675 Corner of 5th Ave and 97th St (NYC)

250 Cabrini Blvd (NYC)

Strawberry Mansion Museum (PA)

Barnum Residence (Bridgeport, CT) 

Hudson River Museum (NYC)

Tenement Museum (NYC)

45 Tudor Place (NYC)

El Dorado Apartments (NYC)

Beresford Apartments (NYC)

Some photos of residential works:
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