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Daniel G. DaSilva


Daniel G. daSilva is a fine artist and applied arts craftsman and restoration expert. With over 20 years in the field of decorative finishing and applied arts, with his company daSilva Palette. Daniel has encountered and mastered an array of unique technical and artistic challenges maintaining happy clients throughout his career.


After attaining his undergraduate degree from Barauch College, he went on to study further classical and obsecure aspects of applied and fine art all over the world. Starting with Institut Superieur de Peinture Van Der Kelen-Logelain, Brussels Belgium, where he was a medal award winning graduate; studied classical and contemporary fresco painting at Fodazione Villa Fabris European Centre for Heritage Crafts and Professions; the renowned school for drawing, art and design at Barnstone Studios in Coplay, PA; classical painting and drawing full time for three and a half years at Atelier Armetta in Glen Cove, NY; Stevenson Academy of Art in Oyster Bay, NY; The Students Art League in New York, NY and earned his Masters in Fine Art figure painting at the New York Academy of Art New York, NY.


Though his studies are extensive, his passion for art and applied arts began as a boy when his father would take him to work at his high-end house painting and finishing business. With his dad he learned all the important fundamentals of surface preparation and finishing. Everything since, has been an extension of those fundamental early lessons. Since 1998 Daniel has run his own interior decorating and applied arts company. In 2006, Daniel began working with Felix Chavez, Inc. on various projects rendering faux marble columns, faux bois, murals, fine art painting repair and restoration as well as other specialized finishes. In 2015 Daniel officially joined Felix Chavez, Inc. as one of the heir apparent members.

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