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Felix O. Chavez     


With nearly 40 years experience, artist and founder of Felix Chavez Inc., Mr. Chavez has driven his company with the same virtues he values in life.  His personal philosophy as phrased by the ancient Incan moral code  “Ama sua, ama llulla, ama quella” , “don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t be lazy”, carry over into all aspects of Mr. Chavez life as in art. “... have respect for the vision and intention of the original artisans and architects and to use the techniques of the past in tandem with the materials of the present to achieve the best results”.  These values explain not only his respect for the past but his desire to help embody the virtue of the historical intent of the architects, decorators, members and congregants as well as the highest virtues of contemporary mores.  From grand architectural building restoration, mural and fine art preservation to ornamental plaster preservation and fine art restoration, Felix prides himself on the quality and originality of his finishes and the timeliness your projects' execution.



His formal education began at the National School of Fine Arts in Lima, Peru where he attained his Undergraduate and Masters of Fine Arts degrees.  After a decade working as a professional fine artist and art instructor Mr. Chavez became supervisor of operations of a large design, decorating and restoration firm.  In that same year he began his business then known as Fine Art Decorating Inc.  Since 1982 Felix O. Chavez has been the president of Felix Chavez Inc leading large-scale conservation, restoration and new design projects.  


Click here to view some of Felix O. Chavez early paintings exhibited in El Museo De Arte Italiano.

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