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This documentary was broadcasted by PBS Network in 1999. It's featuring some fabulous interior renovations of Landmark buildings by our company - Felix Chavez, Inc. (Snippet Viewing)

Felix Chavez, Inc. is a unique institution dedicated to the creation of designs with remarkable originality over landmark architectural interiors and exteriors, artistic finishes and fine arts which include public, private, and religious institutions.


Felix Chavez Inc. is a multi-generational art and architectural company specializing in preservation, conservation, and restoration. For nearly 40 years, our company has become unequaled in quality and originality.


Our company is the creator of a new technique or skill in decoration called “The Opalescent Finish,” using aluminum leaf, pigments and varnishes transforming modest materials surfaces such as plaster, wood, metal, etc. into beautiful high-end finishes, proper for decoration. This technique was created by Chief Designer artist Felix O. Chavez and founder of Felix Chavez, Inc.  This creation was first applied in the 1980’s at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church of New York; later in large scale in the Masonic Lodge of 23rd Street, New York and many other projects.   


The only entity to have an unparalleled 50 year minimum guarantee on New Decorative Design finishes. 



Station of the Cross (Panel Detail)

St. Francis De Sales R.C. Church  

New York, NY

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