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Painted portraits are timeless.  A painted or drawn portrait captures more than a momentary snapshot.  A painted portrait captures timeless qualities of the sitter and of the surroundings and it reflects the experiences and personality of someone special.  Our painters are artists first and foremost and that is important because a fully stocked palette and a photo reference does not an artist make.  An artist translates the visual experience and persona of the subjects and makes manifest a “living timeless painting” which you will want to hang on your walls for a lifetime.  It takes a trained set of eyes and hands to see the difference between a snapshot and real life.  Our artist will take all the reference materials and use them to create an image that is filled with personality, likeness, color and texture and all the other elements  impossible to achieve with a snapshot.  


    Our methodology uses a mix of live in person interaction and photographs and create a likeness with feeling.  We can also create a painting exclusively from live sources or exclusively from photos if you prefer.  We create paintings of any style, classical or contemporary, renaissance inspired or modernistic


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